For safety reasons, guests are refused entry if they are in possession of prohibited items. Illegal items will be confiscated and turned over to the police. If a guest is found inside the venue with a prohibited item, the item will be confiscated and the guest may be ejected from the facility.

  • – Be respectful of guests, staff, and our beautiful amphitheater.
  • – Re-entry is not permitted.
  • – For your safety and the safety of others, guests and their possessions are subject to inspection upon entrance.
  • – Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
  • – Drink responsibly. Intoxicated patrons may be denied entry to the venue.
  • – Have a great time! We’re glad you are here!
  • – Aerosol cans
  • – Animals/Pets (except service animals)
  • – Any item that can be deemed a projectile including balls and frisbees
  • – Audio/Video recording equipment: The use of audio, video, or digital recording devices is prohibited except for accredited members of the media. *Show personnel reserve the right to change this policy at any time.
  • – Chairs
  • – Confederate imagery
  • – Confetti
  • – Coolers
  • – Drones
  • – Firearms/Weapons of any kind including mace and tasers
  • – Fireworks
  • – Glass containers of any kind
  • – Glow sticks
  • – Hydration backpacks of any size
  • – Illegal drugs
  • – Inflatables of any kind
  • – Large bags or purses (see PDF here.)
  • – Laser pointers
  • – Musical instruments
  • – Noisemakers such as airhorns, whistles, etc.
  • – Outside food or beverages
  • – Pocket knives
  • – Poles or sticks to display signs and/or banners
  • – Prop weapons or toys that resemble weapons
  • – Seat cushions with arms and/or larger than 18 x 18″
  • – Sharpies, markers, paint pens, and spray paint
  • – Signs larger than 8.5 x 11″
  • – Skateboards, rollerblades, bikes, etc.
  • – Tablets and/or laptop type devices
  • – Tripods, monopods and selfie sticks
  • – Umbrellas
  • – Unapproved pamphlets, fliers, handbills, promotional items, etc.
  • – Wallet chains, boot chains, studded jewelry, etc.
  • – Any item management deems dangerous is prohibited.
  • *Any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the venue in its sole discretion.
  • *This list is subject to change at any time by management.

Approved bags:
– Bags, tote or purse smaller than 12″ x 6″ x 12″
– Seat cushion (with no arms)
– Diaper bag
– Medically necessary bags (*medical supplies will be permitted after proper inspection)

Not Approved Bags:
– Backpack
– Printed pattern plastic bag
– Seat cushion with metal zippers
– Oversized tote bag
– Camelback
– Folding chair bag
– Binoculars case
– Camera case
– Mesh bag
– Umbrella
– Soft-sided cooler

See PDF for our full bag policy here.

  • – Empty reusable water bottles (32 oz. and under) to fill (and refill) at the water stations throughout the venue. No single-use plastic bottles are permitted.
  • – Cameras: subject to artists approval. Small, point and shoot, cameras with non-detachable lenses. Cameras must fit in the front pants pocket.
  • – Strollers: are permitted on the grounds, but are not permitted in any seating areas. Strollers are to be checked and held at guest services.
  • – Seat cushion (with no arms)
  • – Small blankets
  • *This is subject to change at any time by management.

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